• Blind Tiger Organic London Dry Gin


    Blind Tiger Organic London Dry Gin is hand crafted and distilled in small batches and is a complex, yet elegant and aromatic gin made from the finest certified organic botanicals.

    Juniper Berry is the core botanical of many Gins. In Blind Tiger Organic  London Dry Gin it provides a backbone of fresh spring forest and citrus notes. Cassia provides a delicate top note of spice whilst Coriander has been selected as it enhances the citrus characters of the juniper and imparts a subtle earthy character.  The citrus peel (lemon, bitter orange and sweet orange) further enhance the citrus characters. Angelica root gives a delightfully aromatic and heady note of musk. Summer savory  contributes a subtle mint like peppery character with Licorice root completing the botanical mix and imparting a fuller mouthfeel.

    The handpicked organic botanicals are distilled individually through a small pot still, creating distinctive elements that are drawn on to craft and blend Blind Tiger Organic Gin.

    The combination of these botanicals and premium Australian Organic wheat spirit creates a London Dry Gin that is a perfect mixer with Tonic or Soda and a great base for one of the hugely popular gin based cocktails.


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  • Blind Tiger Organic Mandarin Gin


    Blind Tiger Organic Mandarin Gin is carefully handcrafted in small batches from Organic “Dancy” and “Imperial” Mandarins grown in the sundrenched Riverland of South Australia. The Mandarins were peeled and the pulp discarded and peel kept in varietal batches. 1/3 of the peel was soaked fresh overnight in organic spirit then distilled varietally as a separate run the following day. Remaining 2/3 of peel was air dried in the Distillery above the pot stills and then distilled in small batches. The fresh and dry Imperial mandarin distillates were blended together, as were the two Dancy distillates creating 2 different styles of mandarin concentrates. Selected amounts of the two mandarin concentrates were then blended together with the 6 Blind Tiger London Dry botanicals and organic wheat spirit.

    It is an explosion of exotic botanicals infused with intense mandarin aromas from the Imperials with the Dancy’s coming through mid palate with a refreshing juicy citrus finish to create the perfect gin to serve neat over ice, with soda or in a Gin and Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic, with a twist of orange peel and sliced mandarin segments, for that extra level of flavour and excitement.



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